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Rolex Explorer ii Replica Watches

Rolex Explorer Series watch is the best partner of human exploration of the unknown, it watchmaking technology and adventure perfect fusion of the ideas into effective action, its precision performance is contained the spirit of courage, prowess and exploration meaning outstanding breakthrough innovation. Watch this series after the end of the polar depths of the earth and volcanic flames and other harsh test of the global environment, Rolex Explorer II Replica watches with the external environment perfect fusion of the best examples.

Rolex Explorer II watches have always been the most popular, one of the most attractive watches, white dial, 3 o'clock single calendar enlarged display area, time scale dial at 6 o'clock and 9 o'clock positions, and Arabic numerals 12 o'clock and 24-hour time scale triangular bezel, confer the charming atmosphere of this elegant series of watches and movements. Rolex Explorer II Replica review watches explorer explorer Explorer I compared the series history is short, but the degree is not better than the best-selling series of exploration I watch low.

Rolex Explorer II Replica eta series 216 570 white 24 hours plate watch dial pointer return back 24 hours orange arrow pointer and classic design in 1971, and the hour and minute hands wider than before, easier to read the time. Strap the installation of a new safety catch Oyster insurance deduction, and easy to tune with the link, so that the strap can be extended so that the wearer more comfortable. But it is not equipped with the new strap adjustment device of the new Water Monster.

Rolex was the first sign of a stretched fingers of the hand, it represents the brand's watches entirely crafted by hand, and later evolved into a registered trademark of the crown, to show their dominance in the watch area. Demonstrating a regal Rolex in the watch industry. In order to meet the expansion of the diameter of the case, the designer Rolex watch ear slightly enlarged, so watch the whole atmosphere even more, can be fine-point pen.

Probe II watches feature may jump when independent adjustable pointer with 24-hour hands and outer ring together with the second time zone display function. We are carefully considered, and the second time zone is both more practical than diving watch and chronograph functions, compared to the same movement and assembly GMT-Master GMT II watches, Exploration II only a significant difference, namely the former assembly is bi-directional rotatable ceramic bezel, which assembly is fixed stainless steel bezel, but the price difference between two million yuan.

Rolex Explorer II watches since birth like GMT Master series derived watches, but its popularity today is clearly excel the predecessors, of course, its aesthetic appearance or performance considerations may have superior GMT Master series wrist table, but more important it is the evocative name --Explorer explorer.