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Unique Replica Rolex Submariner Project X Customized Watch

Rolex Submariner Project X Replica Watches

I'm not always a big fan of some of Rolex watches released by design houses, but I think Rolex Submariner Project X Replica generally does a fairly good job. Rolex has long been synonymous with luxury and timeless style, but over the decades the brand failed to capture the kind of allegiance in younger sartorialists as it did in their fathers, so we're glad to see that Project x Designs have taken it upon themselves to create this stellar update on the classic Submariner.

The replica Rolex Submariner Project X is a true icon of modern design, what many consider to be the most beautiful sports watch ever made.

Project X designs are specialists in Luxury watch customizations, this unique replica Rolex Submariner Project X is inspired by the old replica Rolex models. It features a satin case finish, a crownguard removal and enameled case back engravings. All customized watches use the original Rolex Submariner.

The replica Submariner Project X has had solid curved spring-bars permanently welded to the lugs. This serves several different functions. It allows the Submariner to accommodate a wider range of NATO, and the straps and stops from rubbing against the serial number on the side of the case. Also notice the pearl indices on the bezel at the top has been replaced with a red ruby. This replica watch combines old traditions with modern technology in a new Submariner model. In this special edition of watch we can see for example, big arrow on a black ceramic bezel,

Rolex Submariner Project X is a modern replica watch, with a more vintage and timeless look. We then changed the insert to black and added a black DLC coating producing more of a stealth military vibe. On the dial, instead of the usual steel elements, we can see overhead indexes.

All in all, this customized replica Rolex Submariner is a clever, elegant and completely unique timepiece that combines modern Rolex craftsmanship with "new old stock", authentic parts and bespoke details.