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Personalized Rolex Project X Replica Watch Is Wonderful

Rolex Project X Replica Watches

Project X Designs is a Rolex watch customizer based on London, it famous for their customized Rolex watches. Rolex Project X Replica was founded Daniel Bourn, a former investment banker who knows and loves luxury watches that are rare and classic.

Project X and its partners keep up the intellectual and engineering battle of overcoming Rolex's latest challenge. The two companies that aren't connected still seem to need each other, and in the end actually effectuate that each is better in the long run. Project X help Rolex maintain that their watches are harder and harder to replicate, while Rolex keeps up a challenge for Project X as it continues to modify Rolex watches giving us its wonderful modified creations.

Rolex Project X replica watch is modern but also classic. This replica watch today as a slightly forward, casual wear to see the taste good, performance of the attention, of course, high standing in the life of the owner who is wearing it. In my humble opinion, I think Project X Designs and Corvus should do some business together.

Project X Designs replica watch looks very personalized. Each replica watch displays a beautifully re-visioned Rolex watch with various levels of modifications. Favorites include adding sapphire caseback, altering colors, engravings, and adding dial text or graphics. It goes without saying that Project X Designs is not affiliated to Rolex in anyway. Their operation takes mostly brand new Rolex watches and puts them metaphorically under the knife for enhancement.

This replica watch comes in original stainless steel bracelet. As you can see, the crown guards and the cyclops have been removed by Project X Designs, to create that vintage look.

It is important to mention that in addition to Project X Designs not being associated with Rolex watch company, they also offer their own warranty. Meaning you do not send Rolex Project X replica watches to Rolex for service, but rather direct to Project X.