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Rolex GMT-Master Replica Watches

Since Rolex GMT Master Replica watches available in 1955, its 24 hours a progressive scale rotating bezel red and blue color will be particularly eye-catching. Additional pointer occurs every 24 hours around the surface of revolution, so that the pilot was working in the rapidly expanding international aviation business, which can be read when the two time zones. Bright red and blue design, form a strong visual contrast, ensure this professional watch more legible. The first GMT-Master outer ring first coated with red and blue color, red and blue half and half, and then added to the transparent Plexiglas resin glass coating. This mode of production so the color can be presented through the Plexiglas resin glass coating, so that the outer ring more three-dimensional.

In 1959, the brand to create word-color anodized aluminum ring, replacing the original Plexiglas Plexiglas word circle. Later, other color combinations have come out, such as brown and gold magic combination watches, launched in 1982, or wine red and black color GMT-Master II watch. However, in the minds of many enthusiasts GMT-Master, red and blue color of the outer ring is always the classic features of this watch.

After years of research, Rolex developed a rotating outer ring fitted to the high-performance components - patent Cerachrom words ring in 2005. The polished surface of the ceramic character circle extremely scratch resistant, and exudes a deep long-lasting gloss, and coated with a thin layer of gold or platinum and precisely engraved numbers and in stark contrast to the progressive scale. Ceramic is a durable material, extremely scratch damage, corrosion resistance, even if it will not fade by ultraviolet radiation. Innovation and strive for perfection in terms of Rolex GMT Master Replica review, this material is ideal for substituted anodized aluminum.

Over the years, the production of the red color ceramic outer part, technically still impossible. However, extensive research and development resources to the Ministry decided to accept the challenge, eventually combined with each other technical performance Cerachrom word ring and GMT-Master classic color aesthetics. Travelers can be informed through local time pointer on the surface. The replica watch uses a cleverly designed independently adjusted when the jump pointer, the wearer can easily through the winding crown to adjust the time, minute and second hands will not affect the operation, or the first time zone. Therefore, whenever, travelers can be read at the same time and location of the departure time, the 24-hour clock display, you can clearly distinguish between day and night time (for example 10:00 and 22:00). If necessary, turn the hour corresponding to a progressive scale outer ring, it can be displayed at any time a third time zone. While the 24-hour hand will be on the outer ring indicates the time zone time. Whenever, travelers can be read at the same time location and departure time.